Become a Reader

News Readers need to be fluent in reading quickly, and also need to have a clear speaking voice with some experience of the speed and intonation required for recording. Readers need to attend the Eric Walford Studio on a Thursday at 6pm, to read excerpts chosen from the weekly Wimbledon News

Magazine Presenters collect around 30 minutes of interesting articles and deliver a monthly Magazine to the listeners. Your Magazine slot will be allocated in advance, giving you plenty of time to find interesting articles, and will usually be on the same week, every month. We are always looking for new Magazine presenters!

You wouldn’t need to come every week, a once a month commitment would be great, and a rota can be drawn up of volunteer Readers, giving the Listeners some interesting and different voices to listen to each week.

Become a Technical Helper

There are lots of other jobs to be done apart from the Reading. Choosing and cutting out News snippets, ticking off all the returned data sticks and then turning over the address cards to send them out again the following week.

If you have studio knowledge or experience – or perhaps you would like to learn – to manage the levels and controls of the recording, and then add the introduction music on the the beginning and endings.

Can you help on a weekday morning?

There are always some administrative jobs to be done, sending out invitations for our next special event, or replying to the letters and queries we receive.

There are Committee Meetings to arrange, Minutes to type up and send out to Committee Members, and official celebrations to organise. The Eric Walford Day in September, and the Annual General Meeting every August, as well as adding new Listeners to our records and keeping all our administration up to date.

Donations & Applications for Funding

Any self- funding Charity will always need donations to maintain its services, and for the purchase of new and better equipment. Any help you can give us with either a donation, or a Legacy fund, will always be welcomed, and appreciated. If you know of any Funds we can apply for, please do send us the information.