Free Range Shopping Trolleys

Free Range Shopping Trolleys

Edition No 2032, edited by Barbara, introduced by Carole and recorded on 24 May 2018, has now been uploaded so you can download and listen at your convenience over what promises to be another lovely Bank Holiday Weekend, if you can drag yourself away from the cricket.

One of the stories this week highlights the difficulties that can be encountered when shopping trolleys are just pushed to one side or abandoned rather than being returned to a trolley parking area.

It is worth a listen and, I must admit, I hadn’t even given the matter a thought until I heard the item.

From now on I will always make sure I put my trolley in an appropriate place to help our visually impaired and sightless friends.

Oh, and be sure to listen next week because one of our volunteers is stepping into the role of editor and it will be her debut edition.

I believe there may be a new feature or two, and possibly a new reader so I’m really looking forward to listening to it.